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Specializing in providing financial advice for Biotech, Pharma and Life Sciences professionals

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Not just managing, but maximizing it

We get the fast-moving, rapidly evolving industry you are in. You’re in a great industry where opportunities abound. However, the pace of work is relentless, and pressure is the norm. You’ve come to expect it and even might be thriving in this atmosphere. Where you might be slipping is in the management of your financial life. It’s always tomorrow, right?

That’s where we come in. We work with successful individuals in biotech, pharma and life sciences to get control of all of their wealth including:

  • 401(k)
  • Complex benefit packages including equity-based compensation
  • IRA rollovers from previous positions
  • Real estate
  • Education planning for your children
  • Estate plan
  • And more

Are you ready to not let this part of your life go any longer? Let’s talk.

Imagine knowing that your wealth is not only being actively managed but maximized. Imagine having clarity around the right move to make for your most important financial decisions. This is what we help professionals like you achieve.


For successful professionals

  • Evaluate a benefit package and discuss pros and cons of participation in certain programs
  • Managing stock options, deferred compensation, stock appreciation rights, and other forms of equity compensation
  • Managing retirement plans at work
    • Evaluating your insurance coverage such as life and disability
    • Financial modeling and projections
    • Saving strategies to make the best use of cash flows and income

Ongoing Management of your Investments from a fiduciary and fee-only financial advisor who always puts your interests first:

  • Consolidate former employer 401(k) plans with other investments accounts into a unified investment strategy
  • Invest extra cash
  • Tax-efficient investing and planning with tax consequences in mind
  • Limit unnecessary exposure in the market by emphasizing diversification, discipline, and patience
  • Maintain financial stability through job changes and M&A activity
  • Navigating a severance package after being unexpectedly laid off
  • Retirement planning and income projections during retirement

Are you ready to speak to a professional about your financial situation?

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